What dictionary should I use?

My book has a section of vocabulary. This site has a smaller section as well. I suggest you check that out first if you have an English word and want to find out how to say it in English. If my book does not include that word, then go to Google Translate to find out its translation.

Step One: Save http://translate.google.cn to your browser so that you can find this tool easily later on.
Step Two: Type the English word to the box and click Translate, you will see its Chinese translation in characters.
Step Three: Click the letter A with two dots on top, you will see how these words are read in PinYin, the official tool instructing you how to pronounce.

Most pinyin, like itself, is not difficult to pronounce but about 20% isn’t. If the PinYin you see is difficult to pronounce, then send the pinyin and characters to us using the form below, and we will tell you how to read it.


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