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  • This page provides information about how to use my book to learn Chinese. My book is called Easiest Chinese, available to sell on this site, Kindle store.

    If you are learning, or just decided to learn Mandarin online, this is the site you may want to try because we have two unique features which make the learning process so much easier.

    My name is Julian Luo, the administrator of this site, used to teach Chinese language in Nepal and invented a unique of learning Mandarin. This is how I teach: try to pronounce these two Mandarin sentences:
    ni hao ma?
    ——————–nee how mar?
    ——————–As an English speaker, you found the 2nd sentence easier to prounce, right? Well, that’s how we teach and the 1st sentence is how the other Chinese schools teach. We modified the formal Mandarin to be more like English. Nee which means you, only has one pronunciation and everybody knows how to pronounce it, but the formal word for you is ni, which could be pronounced as nai by someone. So our students found that they were understood much better by Chinese speakers because their pronunciation is so much more precise.
    We use Skype to teach, and all the teachers live in China. This saves a lot of costs so our tuition fee is very competitive. And if you do not want your kids to just learn Mandarin online, you can actually send them to China and stay with us. I own a country inn in the City of Changsha, Hunan Province. This is a beautiful town surrounded by paddy fields, bamboo forest, vegetable gardens, river and mountains. You can learn Mandarin, while experiencing the local culture, and eating organic food we grow in our own vegetable gardens. This site has a page introducing this country inn and our health program. We have a few American friends who visited this mountain-surrounded village called Jinjing and loved it.
    What else makes us different

    In Mandarin there are four tones which is frustrating for most Mandarin learners. I reduced the four tones to two, one is neutral, another is accent, just like English. If you follow the tone instructions then your pronunciation would be very close to the actual sound and Chinese people would understand it no problem.
    The capitalized letter means that sound is an accent. For example, boo = to supplement, Boo = no.
    Many of you may just want to learn how to talk and communicate as quick as possible, instead of spending years to learn how to read, write or type. If that’s what you want, then this is the right course for you.
    Some of our teachers are looking for international pen-pal to improve their English, if you have the time, you can teach each other. In this case you do not need to pay.


    (mainly English teachers who are native English speakers, some will be teaching Mandarin if he/she speaks both languages well. If you want to make money by teaching, you can set up your own class using Skype, and tell other members in the group, and you set up your own charges. If you just want to make friends, you can tell others that you would like to communicate with them through certain ways, email, Skype, QQ, and at certain times which are convenient for you.)

    Class Assistants

    (they will be handling the orders of classes, the payments, giving instructions to new students and new teachers…they will be paid by us per month. Those who like to learn English/Mandarin and have plenty of spare time may contact us and become the teachers’ assistants in their classes.)


    (They will also be paid by us. Interpreters are only needed for important classes in the future.)

    We host weekly Skype conference calls to allow everyone practice their secondary languages with other native language speakers. And the schedules will be posted here on this site. If you do not know what Skype is, try to search for it. It’s a free software now owned by Microsoft. We may use MSN or Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk for this purpose too.

    We also use this website to help people to improve their translation skills. So there will be some translation jobs posted every now and then. You do not need to be professional translators to do this. Some jobs are easy, for example, you may be invited to post nice pictures or stories to our site, and write some description words for the post.
    We, your teaching assistants, will collect tuition fee, your proofreading/translation fee on behalf of you using Alipay/Paypal, etc. And we will pay you after deducting our administration fee and payment to your assistants. Because it is time consuming to deal with the small amounts payment from our young students, it’s best to work together this way.

    What can I do to learn if you just want to try as a free member of the site?

    We understand there are many of you who are young, or live in an isolated place somewhee, and cannot afford our Mandarin course, which is fine. If you are seriously learning this language, you will find many help on this website without paying a cent.
    Julian and Paul in the mountains

    1. You may use the Try to Translate a Sentence tool to learn how to build a sentence in Chinese, to write a short message in Mandarin introducing yourself, or tell a story, and post it on our website to let our readers know about you.
    2. You may ask us any questions about China and Chinese language using the comment form. Our readers and our English club members will answer it. Those who are not paying can still learn from our questions and answers posted by all of our students and visitors. If you cannot afford the tuition fee I specified in this website, you are encouraged to ask their questions on this website anyway because our Chinese students and their parents will not charge you by helping you, especially you eventualy become penpals.
      I myself will not answer questions from the paying students.

    So, whether you are just curious to know how to say something in Chinese, or you are serious about learning our language, make your first move and see where it takes you.

    There is no limit of asking questions.


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