23 exchange names – 2

早上好 Good morning,今天我们继续学习 today we continue to learn 如何和一个陌生人交换名字 how to exchange names with a stranger。我是罗老师,I am Teacher Luo。这是第23课,this is Lesson 23.

  • ha. 哈 [ha]
  • youYiside [interesting] 有意思的 【yo YeeSir d】
  • zhongwen [Chinese] 中文【dsong wen 】
  • mingZi[name]. 名字【ming Dsir】

haha! What an interesting Chinese name! (you picked for yourself).

Why did he say it is interesting? Because typically people translate English names to Chinese words which do not mean anything except for an English name. But this person picked a nice and meaningful Chinese name for himself. 白 is a color, it is vivid, not as empty as 怀特。

  • Shi ma? 是吗?


  • wo pengyou 我朋友【war peng yo】my friend
  • bang 帮 helped
  • wo 我 me
  • qu 取【true】pick
  • de. 的

My friend picked this for me.

The sentence is short for [(This is )my friend helped me pick de (name).] So the whole sentence is just part of an objective clause, that’s why we see a word at the end, because it indicates an objective clause ahead.

  • wode 我的【ward】
  • yingwen mingZi 英文名字【yingwen mingDsir】
  • Shi
  • Daniel White.

My English name is Daniel White.