Let's learn a few words before we get started.

【meaning】...in Chinese
【interesting】...in Chinese
【boring】...in Chinese

24 exchange names – 3

春天来了Spring is here,今天天气晴朗 it is a sunny day。很高兴又在这里和大家见面了。Very glad to meet with you guys here again. 这是山水中文 第24课 This is inMountains Mandarin Course Lesson 24。

  • Xianzai de 现在的 nowadays de
  • zhongguoren 中国人 Chinese people
  • meiyou 没有 nobody
  • JiaoZuo 叫做 is called
  • Daniu de le. 大牛的了 Daniu de
  • Hen 很 quite
  • xiangtu.乡土 rural

Nowadays Chinese people do not pick Daniu as a boy’s name anymore. It is very rural.

  • wode zhongwen mingZi [my Chinese name]我的中文名字
  • Shi 是 is
  • shenme 什么 what
  • Yisi[meaning]? 意思

What does my Chinese name mean?

  • Yisi 意思 meaning
  • Shi [is]是
  • yitou [one] 一头
  • baiSe[white] de 白色的
  • [linking an attributive modifier and its object]
  • Da [big] 大
  • niu. 牛cow

Its meaning is a big white cow.

  • wode[my] 我的
  • tian[heaven] a! 天啊

Oh my God.


wo Jiao Daniu. (translate)

In this lesson we learned these words:

【meaning】...in Chinese
【interesting】...in Chinese
【boring】...in Chinese