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【parents】...in Chinese
【say hello/send regards】...in Chinese

In the English speaking world, you often say "Say hello to your wife.", while in China, we tend to say "Please send my regards to your parents/mother/father". In ancient time, the regards was often to the father. In modern China, this type of gestures is disappearing, in addition to a lot of other traditions.

30 Please say hello to your parents

  • Dai [on behalf of]wo [me] 代我 【adverbial modifier 1】
  • Xiang [to]向
  • ni Fumu [your parents] 你父母 【adverbial modifier 2】
  • Wenhao [say hello] 问好. 【predicate 谓语】
  • [Dai war Shyung nee Foomoo Wenhow.]

In this sentence, there is no subject, no object, just a predicate.


Q: Why do we say [on behalf of me to your parents send regards], instead of [send regards to your parents on behalf of me]?(find out)
Q: Does [ni] means [you], or [your]?(find out)

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【parents】...in Chinese
【say hello/send regards】...in Chinese