Let's learn a few words before we get started.

【li (half a kilo meter)】...in Chinese
【nearby】...in Chinese

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33 Asking for directions on the street

  • Zhe [Here]Fujin [nearby] 这附近
  • dou [all/both] 都 【This word can be omitted, it emphasizes the entire area.】
  • meiyou[there is not] 没有
  • Cesuo [bathroom] 厕所.

There is no bathroom near here.

  • wang [toward]qian [ahead] 往前
  • zou[walk] 走
  • Dayue[approximately] 大约
  • liang [two] 两
  • li [a measure word, about half km] 里
  • Lu [road] 路
  • 【This sentence consists of two sentences, it’s just that the comma is omitted.】
  • you [there is] 有
  • yi [a]Ge [measure word] 一个
  • kendeji[KFC] 肯德基.

You walk along the way, for one km approximately, there is a KFC.

Chinese classic style art

In this lesson we learned these words:

【li (half a kilo meter)】...in Chinese
【nearby】...in Chinese