inMountains Mandarin Course, 山水中文课。大家好,hello everybody, 这是第34课。This is Lesson 34. Let's learn a few words before we get started.

【Kilo meter】 Chinese

各位晚上好。希望大家平安。Today we are going to learn to ask about distance. In our daily life, we used two words for the measurement of distance: kilo meter, and li.

34 Distance: two ways of saying 1 km

How far is two Li? = >Two Li is how far?

  • liang [two] 两
  • li[half km distance] 里 【里 is the traditional Chinese unit of distance, which is still used by most Chinese.】
  • Lu [road] 路
  • Shi [is] 是
  • duoyuan[how far] 多远? 【多 = how; 远 = far】
  • yi [a/one] 一
  • Gongli[km] 公里.
月饼和茶 Moon Cake and Tea

In this lesson we learned these words:

【Kilo meter】 Chinese

昨天 yesterday 我们学习了几个词 we learned a few new words.
  1. li (half a kilo meter) (里) (li/lee).
  2. nearby (这附近) (Zhe FuJin/Dser Foo Jin).
前天 the day before yesterday.
  1. Don't (别) (bie/bee-ay).
  2. stranger (陌生人) (Mosheng ren/mor shung ren).
  3. speak/talk (说话) (shuoHua/shoo-or Hoo-ar).

Question: If stranger = an unrecognized person, how do you say an acquaintance? (Answer: 熟人 = shu ren = 熟悉的人/familiar person)