inMountains Mandarin Course, 山水中文课。大家好,hello everybody, 这是第35课。This is Lesson 35. Let's learn a few words before we get started.

【not able】 Chinese

今天today 是is 三月March 二十七日27th,星期五Friday,现在now 是is 下午afternoon 五点five o'clock 二十三 23 分minutes。外面outside 是is 雨天raining,春天spring 雨水rainfall 很多a lot。

35 I am afraid I can’t walk that far – tourism phrase

=> Afraid I walk not able that far.

  • kongPa [afraid] 恐怕
  • wo [I] 我
  • zou [walk] 走【dsou】
  • Bule [not able] 不了【Boo ler】
  • Name [that] 那么【Narmuh】
  • yuan[far] 远. 【yoo-an】

【不了 not able 】and 【那么远 that far】are too compliments. They are a special form of adverbial modifiers. You can also say [I not able walk that far.] In this sentence, [ not able/Buneng ] is ahead of the verb [walk].


Q: How to say [I cannot sing that well.]?(find out)
Q: How to say [We cannot run that fast.]?(find out)

In this lesson we learned these words:

【not able】 Chinese

昨天 yesterday 我们学习了几个词 we learned a few new words.
  1. Kilo meter (公里) (gong li/Gong lee).
前天 the day before yesterday.
  1. li (half a kilo meter) (里) (li/lee).
  2. nearby (这附近) (Zhe FuJin/Dser Foo Jin).