26 in a Chinese Drugstore – 2

  • Na [then/in that case]那【Na has multiple meanings. Here it means in that case. Sometimes it means there, in most cases it means that.】
  • ni[you] 你
  • KanKan [take a look]看看
  • Nabian [that side/over there]那边
  • you meiyou[there is or isn’t] 有没有. 【ABA is a common verb in Chinese, it indicates a yes or no question. Sometimes we say [Zuo meiZuo = did it, or didn’t do it.], [Shuo meiShuo = said it, or didn’t say it.], [gei meigei = give it, or didn’t give.]】
  • [Nar nee KanKan Narbyan yomayyo.]

In that case, you take a look at that section, see if you can find it. 【you meiyou 有 没有】is part of the objective clause. And the object is [That place has not has].

  • haode[all right] 好的.
  • nimen [you] 你们
  • Zhe [here] 这
  • you [have/there is]有
  • xiyi [doctor of western medicine]西医【医 sometimes means medicine, sometimes means doctor. So Xiyi sometimes refers to western medicine, sometimes western medicine doctor.】
  • Zuotang [sitting in court]坐堂
  • ma吗?
  • [howde. neemen Dser yo sheeyee Dswartung muh?]

All right. Do you have a doctor working here in your drugstore?

  • meiyou[there isn’t]没有.
  • Zhiyou [only] 只有
  • yige [an]一个
  • lao [old]老
  • zhongyi[Chinese herbal doctor]中医.
  • [mayyo. Dsiryo yeeGher lao dsongyee.]

No. There is just one old Traditional Chinese doctor working here.

中药 Chinere herbal medicine