19 Meet for the first time

Good morning, Zao Shanghao. Let’s learn some simple greeting phrases today.

  • 你好,nihao [hello]
  • 请问 qingWen[Please tell me]
  • 小王xiao Wong[young Wong]
  • Zai[is here]
  • 吗ma?

【王 Wong is one of top 3 family names with over 100 million population in Chinese societies. 小王 is the way an adult calls a young person, typically a co-worker. 小 means small. This way suggests someone is young and healthy. 】

  • hen[very]
  • 抱歉 BaoQian[sorry].

[Note that although the word 很 means very in English, in most cases it does not really mean very, it is just a habbit to put it ahead of an adjective. So oftentime you may just ignore this word. ]

  • Ta[He/She]
  • 出去chuQu[go out]
  • le[-ed].
  • [hen BowChan. tar tsooTrue le.]

【Again, the word 了 is everywhere, it is the way we say something in the past, add this word after a verb, or an object, or in rare cases, an adjective as too.】

  • Na[then] 【This word in most cases means That, an pronoun, here it is an adverb then.】
  • wo[I]
  • 下午Xiawu[afternoon] [adverbial modifier 1]
  • Zai[again] [adverbial modifier 2]
  • lai[come] [predicate, the modifying object]
  • ba[a particle for suggestion/agreement…].
  • [Nar war Shyarwoo Dsai lai ba.]

【你you 明天tomorrow 再again 来come 吧ba。= You should come again tomorrow.】

  • 好的- hao de[all right].
  • 再见 ZaiJian[bye]. 【再见 means (again see)】
  • 下午见 XiawuJian[see you in the afternoon]. 【afternoon see】
  • [howd. DsaiJan. Sheear_woo_Jee-an]

OK, this is Lesson 19. I am Julian, join our Wechat group and practice your Mandarin. My Wechat ID is 189-7482-4900. Byebye.