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13_They have a pet dog


Q: How to say [You love me]?(find out)
Q: How to say [I want you]?(find out)
Q: Do like and love share the same translation in Chinese?(find out)
ni Ai wo. (translate)
wo Ai ZheGe Difang. = war Eye DserGher Deefung. (translate)
wo Ai wode mami. = war Eye ward mummy. (translate)

Step Four: Read

We have a dog in our family. ...(translate)
Her name is White Fox. ...(translate)
White Fox is two and half years old. ...(translate)
We adopted her in 2019 ...(translate)
There are many stray dogs, cats in China nowadays. ...(translate)
But we do not have a law to regulate petting. ...(translate)
stray animals are causing many social problems. ...(translate)
Expats in China have demonstrated in this respect how to well behave. ...(translate)
They actively protect these small animals. ...(translate)
and lecturing Chinese citizens. ...(translate)
telling Chinese societies, ...(translate)
the disadvantaged groups need protection. ...(translate)
Small animals are also disadvantaged groups. ...(translate)
Their problems are caused by humans. ...(translate)
Everybody is responsible for taking the consequences, ...(translate)
finding solutions. ...(translate)
I hope in the near future, ...(translate)
Chinese government will release a law, ...(translate)
banning the business of pet breeding centers. ...(translate)

Again, close your eyes, at least try to remember the pinyin.