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5. How are you?

Welcome back. I am Julian Luo, a middle aged man living in a village in the middle part of China. I began to teach Chinese language 16 years ago, when I was in Nepal. I didn’t continue when I was back to China, but I am picking it up again, as living in the countryside does not get much opportunities to do business, except for online business. So here we go.

This very frequently used prase, and it is a question. One of the major differences is how we say a question, especially a special question which begins with what, where, which, how, why, etc.

The first thing you need to know is that we have to change the special question to a yes and no question before we translate it. It will be like [Are you fine?] when you say it in Chinese.

Fine = 好 hao. How are you? = Are you fine? = ni hao ma?


Q: How to ask [How is he]?(find out)
Q: How to ask [Are you well]?(find out)
Q: What is the function of the word [ma]?(find out)
Q: If [How are you] = ni hao ma?, then what [ni hao] means?(find out)
Q: Do you know?(find out)
You have eaten ma? (translate)
You want to with me sleep ma? (translate)
You can lend me some money ma? (translate)
Sentence: How is he?(translate)
Sentence: How was she?(translate)
Sentence: Are you all right?(translate)