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14 when you get older

The older you get, the more you realize that it’s Okay to live a life others don’t understand.

The more…the more… 越…越…pattern

  • 人[ren]People
  • 越[yue] the more
  • 变老[Bian lao] get older,
  • 你[ni] you
  • 就[Jiu] will
  • 越[Yue] the more
  • 意识到[YishiDao] realize,
  • 选择[xuanze] to choose
  • 一种[Yizhong] a
  • 别人[bieren] others
  • 不理解[Bu lijie] don’t understand
  • 的[de]’s
  • 生活方式[shenghuo fangShi] lifestyle,
  • 是[Shi] is
  • 没关系的[mei guanXi de] no problem/Okay。

Shi…de 是。。。的。。pattern

is used to emphasize the word in between, in this case, it is the phrase “meiguanxi(not important)”.

  • It is Okay. … 是is 可以okay 的。
  • It is acceptable….是 is 可以…able 接受 accept 的.
  • live a life…活一辈子。
  • I 我 lived 活了 an 一个 amazing 精彩的 life 人生.
  • He lived a poor life.
  • 他 He 一辈子 the whole life 都 all 很 very 穷困 poor。