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17 Can I sit here?

Good morning, zao Shang hao. Jintian Shi 2020 nian san Yue Er Hao. Today is 2020 Year March 2nd. We are going to learn some words and phrases about restaurant and bar.

  1. Wxcuse me, is this seat taken?

请问Excuse me,【qingWen】【ching Wen】

这里here 【Zheli】【Dserli】

有人 somebody 【you ren】【yo ren】

坐sat 【Zuo】【Dso-or】

吗ma? Does somebody sit here?

2. No. Please take it.

没有no, 【mei you】【may yo】

你you 【ni】【nee】

坐 sit 【Zuo】【Dsoo-or】

吧ba。 This particle ba at the end of a statement indicates a suggestion, or permission, or instruction.

谢谢Thank you。 【XieXie】【Shee-ayShee-ay】

3. You are welcome. Where are you from?

不no 客气 politeness。 【bu KeQi】【boo KerChee】

请问Please ask (May I ask) 【qing Wen】【ching Wen】

你 you 【ni】【nee】

是are 【Shi】【Shir】

哪里where 【nali】【narli】 this is an adverbial modifier/adverb for the verb come below, so it stays ahead of the verb.

来came 【lai】【lai】

的de? Here you may also ask like this: ni lai Zi nali? You come from where? But in most cases we tend to say as above, using the [Shi…de] pattern.

4. I am a Canadian. Are you local?

我I 是am 个a 【wo Shi Ge】【war Shir Gher】 Ge is short for yiGe/a/an/one.

加拿大人Canadian。 【jia Na Da ren】【jar nar Dar ren】

你You 【ni】【nee】

是are 【Shi】【Shir】

本地人local person 【benDi ren】【benDee ren】


5. No, I am from Shanghai.

不是No, 【bu Shi】【boo Shir】

我I 【wo】【war】

是am 【Shi】【Shir】


来 came 【lai】


  • 【I am from Shanghai】. You may translate it like this
  • [1). I come from Shanghai/wo lai Zi Shanghai. ], or
  • [2). I am/Shi是 Shanghai come de的.] as above. This is short for (I am from Shanghai come de person.)】normally we say the 2nd way.

I see. 明白了. 【mingbai le】【】


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