inMountains Mandarin Course, 山水中文课。大家好,hello everybody, 这是第1课。This is Lesson 1.

14_the declining rural villages in china

Good evening, wanShang hao. Lesson 14. Today we are going to read a short article to you, so you learn some new words, and get used to Chinese grammar. Please repeat after me when I read the words.

Sentence One: After quite a few years, I returned Zhoukou City of Henan Province, where my old home is.

  • shirGe 时隔after /shige
  • doo-or 多many /duo
  • nee-an 年years /nian,
  • hoo-ay le 回了returned /huile
  • Tang 趟(~round/ride) /Tang
  • henan 河南Henan Province
  • Dsoukou 周口 Zhoukou (City)
  • nongTsun 农村 countryside /nongcun
  • lao 老 old /lao
  • Jar 家home / jia

I am not quite sure if it just because I have seen so many new buildings in the big cities,

  • Boodsir 不知not knowing /Buzhi
  • Shir boo Shir是不是 is not is /ShibuShi
  • Dsai Dar tsengShir 在大城市 in big cities /Zai DachengShi
  • Kan 看 saw /Kan
  • sheen 新new /xin
  • lowfung 楼房 buildings /loufang
  • doo-or 多 too many /duo
  • 了(~-ed) / le,

The villages appeared to be quite shabby in my eyes.

  • ganDow 感到feeling /ganDao
  • tsundsung 村庄 villages /cunzhuang
  • hen 很 very /hen
  • Porbai 破败 shabby / PoBai

Although the newly built buildings showed a little bit vitality.

  • sheen 新newly /xin
  • Jee-an chee lai 建起来 built /Jianqilai
  • d 的 de /de
  • Yeeshee-ay 一些 some /Yixie
  • lowfung 楼房buildings /loufang
  • Sirhoo 似乎seems /Sihu
  • sheeand 显示 showing /xianShi
  • nongtsung 农村 countryside /nongcun
  • hai 还 still /hai
  • yo 有have /you
  • shee-ay 些 some /xie
  • shengjee 生机 vitality / Shengji

But this is on the surface.

  • Dan 但but /Dan
  • Dser 这 this /Zhe
  • Dsir 只 only /zhi
  • Shir 是 is /Shi
  • bee-ao_mee-an 表面 the surface /biaoMian

With a little bit tone of humor,

  • yong 用using /Yong
  • war 我 my /wo
  • tee-ao_kan_d调侃的 humourous /tiaokan de
  • Hoo-ar 话 words /Hua
  • Shoo-or 说 saying /shuo

I would say the rural homes are just like resorts, which are only used for less than one month in a year.

  • nongtsun d 农村的countryside /nongcun de
  • jar 家 homes /jia
  • Shir 是are /Shi
  • Yee 一one /Yi
  • nee-an 年 year /nian
  • shir_Yong 使用use /shiYong
  • boo 不 not /bu
  • Dow 到reaching /Dao
  • YeeGer 一个 one /yiGe
  • Yew-ay 月month /Yue
  • d 的de /de
  • DooJar tsoo-en “度假村resorts”/DuJiacun

The rural China’s decling trend is inevitable.

  • Dsong_goo-or 中国Chinese /zhongguo
  • nongtsoo-en农村 rural /nongcun
  • d 的/de
  • shoo-aiBai 衰败 decling /shuaiBai
  • trueShir 趋势trend /quShi
  • yeeJing 已经 already /yiJing
  • Booker Needsoo-an不可逆转 inevitable /Buke Bimian

When I returned home,

  • hoo-ayDow回到 returned /huiDao
  • jarli 家里 home /jiali

Grass growing everywhere,

  • jingjee 荆棘 grass /jingji
  • tsongsheng 丛生 overgrown(growing everywhere) /congSheng

I felt like that I have walked into the wild.

  • fungfoo 仿佛seems like /fangfu
  • Dowle到了 returned /Daole
  • hooyeah Deeli 荒野地里the wild /huangye Dili。