Penpal & Friends

Learning a foreign language from an online friend who is a native speaker has been proven a very effective approach. If you are willing to join the language exchange program – making friends with one or two native Chinese speakers who are English learners, this is the right place. We can help you to find him/her. Just complete the following form and send it to us, we will review it and translate it into Chinese for you, for free – if it is a well written serious profile. And then we will send it to our selected Chinese students who have enrolled in our English camp, as well as other Chinese users signed up this website.

Please sign up this site before you click the links above. It will instruct you to produce a message in Chinese language without learning it. And you may copy the message to your profile.

Would like to read instructions about what to write to a future penpal who speaks Mandarin? Click for instructions.


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