tuition fee

Large class Wechat group: $90/month

Small class Wechat group: $290/month



Tuition Fee
Username on our site
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If you just want to attend our Skype class, please use the following buttons to pay.

Attend Skype Class
Username on our site
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Our teacher will only check exercises submitted by paying students. Paying students may submit their practices/exercises through the comment form of this site, email, our Facebook page, or Wechat app, whichever convenient.

Other users who do not want to become a paying students, are encouraged to submit their exercises through comment form of this website, not email. The English learners of our site may help you.

Why don’t I just use Google Translate then? You may still want to ask.

Google Translate does not teach grammar, and you will not be able to build sentences in Chinese if you only rely on Google Translate or other online dictionary. Also its translation has too many mistakes. If you talk like a Google Translate robot, people will laugh.


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